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Practitioner Spotlight

Our practitioners offer a wide variety of modalities to meet clients needs including; Reiki Energy Sessions, Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing, Tuning Fork  Therapy, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship Readings, Animal Communication, Dream Interpretation, Akashic Records, and much much more. Each practitioner brings their own unique gifts to share with clients.

If you are interested in sharing your gifts, please send us an email so we can connect. Our passion is helping others discover their gifts and share them with the world.

Sandy Hanshaw 2024.png

Sandy Hanshaw

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner & Transformational Coach

Sandy Hanshaw, bestselling author and transformational coach, has dedicated her life to fostering self-discovery and personal growth in others. With her distinctive blend of humor and insightful guidance, she creates empowering and sacred spaces - like the Sacred Owl and Salt Room. Her expertise spans over 25 disciplines, including Usui Reiki, transpersonal life coaching, and hypnotherapy. As an intuitive, she helps individuals unlock their full potential and find their true purpose. Currently pursuing a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, Sandy's journey continues. For a more detailed look into her inspiring work, click here the link below.

MJ Headshot.jpg

Mary Jo Tarvin

Spiritual Channel, Reiki Master and Spiritual Educator

Mary Jo is a Channel for Spiritual Guidance to assist people make the best decisions in life. She is a Usui Reiki Master and a practitioner of Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki, Astarte Reiki, Shoden and Okuden Reiki, Sekhem Seichim Reiki, and Blue Star Celestial Energy which she integrates into energy sessions and a form of Quantum Healing. After an energy session, you will receive intuitive guidance from collectives of Spirit Guides. She is a believer in spirits, angels, and upper dimensional guidance from the universe. She has been harnessing divine energy for clients, while providing them with restorative benefits.

LillianPhillips (1).jpg

Lillian Phillips

Psychic Medium and Energy Healer 

Lillian Phillips is an Intuitive, Psychic Medium and an Energy Healer. She offers psychic and mediumship readings. As an energy healer, she uses her intuitive ability to assist in Reiki and Quantum Healing. She is a Usui/Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki Master, an Animal Reiki Master, has taken several other modalities of Reiki training and is also a Blue Star Celestial Energy Master. “Let me help you connect or balance your mind, body and spirit with Reiki and Quantum Energy Healing sessions, or let’s see what messages Spirit has for you with my psychic medium readings” She also offers chakra clearing, space clearing and business or new home blessings.

Metaphysical Shop Aura Photography Psychic Readings Reiki Energy  Salt Room Spirtuality Spirtual Education - Human Design, Palm Reading, Mediumship, Incense/Sage Crystals

Michelle Leigh

Intuitive Reader, Akashic Record Reader, Tarot & Palmistry, Facial Interpretation, & Tea Leaf Reader

Michelle Leigh is a very experienced intuitive reader, Akashic record reader, Tarot and palmistry, facial interpretation and tea leaf reader when appropriate. Her main focus is looking at the energy that is working in the person's life at this time, and what can be done to enhance or change it. This includes future events, as well as how this relates to their personal history in this and past lives. We are all a product of our past experiences so it helps to know what they are. In addition to working with humans as a reiki master, she also is certified as an animal reiki healer. This involves having a conversation with the animals and asking questions about how they feel, where they have pain etc. Many of the animals are treated for behavioral problems. And some, of course, are physical ailments. Michelle has been doing this work for almost 50 years now and does a lot of her work remotely since her clients are spread out over the country. Seeing people and animals in person is always the most personal and rewarding. Michelle will also be teaching a variety of Spiritual Education classes.

Metaphysical Shop Aura Photography Psychic Readings Reiki Energy  Salt Room Spirtuality Spirtual Education - Human Design, Palm Reading, Mediumship, Incense/Sage Crystals

Brittani Kemp

Reiki Master

At Soul Sonar, our focus is all about finding your light and most authentic self within the shadows. I'm Brttani Kemp, Reiki Master and owner. My path of healing began from personal trauma which led me to discover various healing modalities that I knew I had to share to help others on their own journeys. My services include Reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, and intuitive readings both during energy sessions and with cards. Based on the client’s needs, and using my personal experience and intuitive gifts, I will help guide you through your shadows, encouraging healing in a space of authenticity and non-judgment.

Gary Coppola Pic 2024.png

Gary Coppola

Intuitive / Spiritual Educational Instructor

Gary has more than 25 years of experience in the metaphysical space loves help others. He is amazing at tarot, Lenormand Oracle readings, I Ching, Quantum Energy Healing, Yoga/Chi Kung classes, and space clearing. Gary will also be providing multiple spiritual educational classes and Yoga classes.

Travis Perry 2024.png

Travis Perry

Intuitive, Artisan and Spiritual Educator

Travis is an animated and lively individual with a unique and whimsical way of being. His 20+ years of reading Tarot is a true passion in his life. He has 13 years in Palmistry experience; in which, he excavated the rememberance from a past life meditation. His kind non judgmental nature has such a transparency and authenticity, that it's difficult not to feel safe and insightful.

Metaphysical Shop Aura Photography Psychic Readings Reiki Energy  Salt Room Spirtuality Spirtual Education - Human Design, Palm Reading, Mediumship, Incense/Sage Crystals

Chelsea Carini

Crystal Jewelry Designer & Crystal Enthusiast 

Chelsea fell in love with crystal healing in college and has created quite the collection for herself. She shares her knowledge and love for the healing power of crystals. Shehas her own jewelery line which is inspired by her intuition. She thrives on helping others and sharing her knowledge and love for cyrstals with the community.

jeanne russell.jpg

Jeanne Russell 

Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Jeanne is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. She connects to the subconscious to find and remove trapped emotions from the body as well as energetic heart- walls. This has amazing benefits for the body physically and mentally. This can help reduce physical pain, release traumas, ease PTSD, and so much more. Many have read the books from Dr Bradley Nelson and it is no exaggeration of the benefits to the physical and spiritual body. Let me help your body heal itself by giving it the conditions it needs to do so. I have many great testimonials on my website at

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